Topical Collection: Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic

Ferrari, Martin, Sforza-Fogliani (eds.) Synthese

Special Issue: Alethic Pluralism and the Normativity of Truth

Ferrari, Moruzzi, Pedersen (eds.) American Philosophical Quarterly 57 (4) 2020

Special Issue: Logical Pluralism and Normativity

Ferrari, Moruzzi, Pedersen, Sereni (eds.) Inquiry 63 (3-4) 2020

Forthcoming Edited Volumes and Collections

Edited Collection: The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Logic

Ferrari, Brendel, Carrara, Hjortland, Sagi, Sher, Steinberger (eds.) Oxford University Press, (Under Contract)

Special Issue: Perspectives on Post-Truth

Ferrari, Lorusso, Moruzzi, Volpe (eds.) Social Epistemology, forthcoming