I am a Research Fellow in philosophy at the University of Bonn, working within the DFG project “Disagreement in Philosophy–Conceptual and Semantic Foundations”.

My research focuses primarily on two clusters of topics: (i) the normative aspects of enquiry, with a special emphasis on disagreement and retraction, and (ii) the debate about the nature of truth, particularly with respect to deflationism, relativism and pluralism.

Other research interests include the metaphysics and epistemology of aesthetics, topics in philosophy of logic and metaethics.

Since 2016 I am member and co-director of PRISMA—Global Research Network for Pluralism, Relativism and Contextualism.

Full CV here.

List of Published and Forthcoming Papers


  • The Value of Minimalist Truth <paper>, <draft>
  • Normative Alethic Pluralism <draft>
  • Ecumenical Alethic Pluralism (with Sebastiano Moruzzi) <paper>, <draft>
  • Deflating Truth about Taste (with Sebastiano Moruzzi) <draft>
  • Epistemic peer disagreement (with N.J.L.L. Pedersen) <draft>


  • Talking with Vultures (with Crispin Wright) <paper>, <draft>
  • Logical Pluralism, Indeterminacy and the Normativity of Logic (with Sebastiano Moruzzi) <paper>, <draft>


  • Relativism, Faultlessness and Parity <paper>, <draft>
  • Assessment Sensitivity <paper>, <draft>
  • Disagreement about Taste and Alethic Suberogation <paper>, <draft>


  • Truth and Naturalism (with Doug Edwards & Michael Lynch) <draft>


  • Radical Relativism and Retraction (with Dan Zeman) <draft>


PhD Thesis